Kolarin Kumi Ltd.


Kolarin Kumi Oy, a full service tyre dealer, was established in 1991. Company’s premises are situated by the highway E8 only five kilometer from Sweden border. Kolarin Kumi Oy is the northernmost tyre dealer on the western border and it is a part of Dekk Partner chain, which is owned by private tyre dealers.

Kolarin Kumi Oy sells, repairs and mounts tyres and rims for all kind of vehicles. With our modern machinery we are able to perform even the most difficult mounting without damaging tyres or rims.

We are devoted to give you good and fast service!

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Kolarin Kumi Ltd.

Teollisuustie 12
95900 Kolari
Phone: +358 (0)16 561300

Service hours:
Mon-fri 8 - 17